Registered Nurses for After Surgery Care


Vital Rns is a group of experienced Registered Nurses based in Seattle who can provide you with individualized care following same day surgery while in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Vital RNs specializes in the care of plastic surgery patients and other operative procedures. As Registered Nurses, we know that plastic surgery can be complex and the initial recovery a challenge. Our promise is to minimize your post-op discomfort in a coordinated effort with your physician by providing individualized care.

"It would have been so difficult to get through this without you."

Private Care

Rest comfortably, confident that your private registered nurse will be monitoring for post operative complications, maintaining your medication schedule and providing many services as they support you throughout your recovery.

Our Services

Vital RNs has served Seattle area clients since 2003. We have close working relationships with the area's finest plastic surgeons and extensive experience in coordinating care with their surgical centers. Our clients have been enthusiastically pleased with our care, and we frequently see them after subsequent procedures.

Free Consultation

If you have questions about individualized recovery care services, contact us for a complimentary consultation with a care professional.

We'll answer any questions you may have and provide details about our recovery packages.

Call Karen @ (206) 686-2322

All Vital RNs staff are registered nurses with 10+ years experience.